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Name: Scott

Subject: E-Cigs WORK

Message: I’ve been a smoker for 23 years, and have always come to the same conclusion as Mark Twain in that quitting smoking is the easiest thing to do because I too have done it hundreds of times… For the first time in my life, I think I’ve got the permanent solution to my habit thanks to you introducing me to this alternative to reeking clothes, hands, breath, and that taste that could only come from smoking cigarettes, or licking an ashtray. Anyone who wants to quit smoking needs your product. It is hard to believe that from the time it took me to walk in the door and have you

explain how to use it, to the time I hit the parking lot with the E-cig in my hand, I quit smoking tobacco. I wake up now only to realize how awful my clothes smell, and I’m just so glad to know my health wont be taking the constant beating from inhaling burnt plant, paper, and chemical debris. I really appreciate you telling me about your success with quitting, and giving me this opportunity to finally quit smoking for good. By the way- the work you did on the bass was fantastic. It’s never played better… Thanks Jeff


Name: Joshua Rowland

Would advise anyone that either wants to quit smoking or tired of the downside of smoking to try the E-Cigarette. I came to see Jeff 2 weeks ago and bought the small start-up kit and haven’t put it down since. I love it. I decided to come back and purchase this traveler kit for an upgrade and something else for my girl.


Thanks Jeff. That’s so sweet of you to reply.

I am new to all of this and the there is so much to learn. The other night I was a bit discouraged and, overwhelmed with all of the information on the web. Then, I went to ECF… I was taken aback by your postings, videos and website all of which are so straight foreword and authentic not to mention such a generous deal!

There is nothing like a good product or service, but, when you snag awesome customer SUPPORT you have found a rare jewel!


Dear Jeff:

Hope you are doing okay! Glad you are home. Already taken care of….no worries. I came by yesterday afternoon and the young man from Dawsonville was filling in. I brought the receipt w/me and he took care of it. I also gave him the $4.00 I’ve owed you FOREVER, and he put it in the money drawer…he was bogged down with a crowd of us, so he may have forgotten to tell you bout it. Your shop was in good hands though. He handled everyone quickly and everybody left satisfied…that I know of anyway.

I was sorry to hear about the trouble you were having with…your stomach…?…I think? Are you okay?

Rebekuh Bukcanan Georgia


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