“THE MAIN ACT” EGO Style Starter Kit

$79.95 $59.95

EGO Style Battery- Starter Kit.

Just need a battery or maybe an extra one?



Here it is, a great starter kit.  Joye EGO ecig kit. Each one of these 1100 mah batteries will last just about the entire day. I know because I use them all the time. It has two of those, two clearomizers and a USB cord to charge from your computer and a wall to USB adapter. It also comes with a nice carrying case. This is what you should purchase if you are serious about quiting. It will last and give you plenty of satisfaction. This category is just what it states. Any kit in here will be plenty of vaping equipment for the medium to heavy smoker trying to stop smoking. We don’t promise any success but lots of people including myself have really enjoyed the experience. For me, I have been off cigarettes for four years and loving every minute of it. I guess you can tell. I love it so much I have invested money in it. Big tobacco look out.
Make sure and pick battery color along with your free 14 ml bottle of eliquid. Please also pick strength and flavor.


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