RRV510 Cartomizer Blank 5 pack


We started with a cartridge for the liquid and an atomizer.  Cartridge+Atomizer=Cartomizer right?

As far as ecigs have come, these are still very efficient and inexpensive.

We went from these to clear tanks you could fill.  Hence the crazy word “clearomizer”.



2010 language.

This is much better I think than using a atomizer and cartridge arrangement. It is both things in one piece. What you do is fill up a little vile that comes with it with fluid and push it down on it to soak up the elquid. It keeps you from having to always drop eliquid into your cartridge The cartomizer itself lasts a very long time but what you will do is fill it with eliquid 2 or 3 times a day. That is what is nice about them because you do not have to keep putting drops in every hour. On average we find that a filled cartomizer will last approximately 150 puffs before you need to refill it with eliquid. Obviously, if you draw very hard and long it will last less and if you draw light or short, it will last longer.


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