Kanger ProTank 3 Clearomizer

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Always a great unit.  Need extra coils?


Product Details:

This is the lastest Kanger Protank-III Glass Clearomizer made with glass material and compatible with various e-juices, which makes your vapor healthier. Each protank clearomizer holds 2.8ml e-juice.

Besides, it has two major improvements on Protank-II.

* Glue-free design and fully disassemble.

* Special dual coil to produce much more vapor.

Please Note:

The Protank-III coil is NOT compatible with Universal Bottom Coils for Kanger EVOD, Protank, Protank-II or Mini Protank Clearomizer.

The clearomizer has an eGo threading and works well on most eGo/eGo T/eGo C batteries.

All coils are with long stem and therefore free from leakage.

How to Replace coil head for Protank-III?

Here we take Mini Protank as an  example.

1. Unscrew the bottom coil.

2. Pull out the used coil and replace a new coil.

3. Screw the bottom coil.

How to refill e-juice into Protank-III?

Here we take the Mini Protank as an example.

1. Unscrew the bottom.

2. Assemble the coil.

3. Inject e-juice into the tube.

4. Screw the bottom coil.

Basic Facts:

Unit: 1 Pack

Glass Tank Color: Clear/Red/Blue/Purple/Grey

Glass Material: Pyrex

Resistance: 2.2ohm

Capacity: 2.5ml

Threading: 510/eGo

Package: Gift Paper Box

Items Contained:

1*Protank Cover

1*Protank-III Clearomizer (2.2ohm)

1*Protank-III Bottom Dual Coil Coil (2.2ohm)

1*Metal 510 Drip Tip


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