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Wink News Article -

Wink News Article

The news agency “Wink News” published a new video concerning the e cigarette. Wink News works to help consumers understand the purpose and functions of new products and strives to provide a balanced report on where and if you should spend your hard earned money.
In their effort to give consumers an educated viewpoint of the new e cigarette, they are providing greater detail than most news services. The goal is to help smokers who:
1. Might be or are confused about the e cigarette and the associated benefits;
2. Are looking for successful and healthy alternatives to “cold turkey”, stop smoking solutions.
3. Are seeking a better means of appeasing disgruntled family members while easing out of the nicotine habit, and the associated expenses.

Though the full disclosure of information concerning any reasonable product or service is a necessary component of their profession, Wink News wants consumers to fully understand that they do not endorse e-cigarette. Just as they proceed with any other product, they merely seek to present to the public as much information as is accurately possible. With the majority of the over 1.2 billion smokers in the world struggling to stop the habit, there exist a serious need to provide a workable solution. Most smokers just cannot quit without some form of external aid.
Will the electronic cigarette help? Smoking is considered if not the hardest, then one of the hardest addictions to quit. Will the e-cigarette accomplish what other stop smoking methods, throughout the decades, have failed to achieve? In Europe and China, the electronic cigarette has been successful in helping smokers kick the nicotine habit. America has failed to move forward in diminishing the problem of cigarette smoking. In the video below it states that e cigarette tolerance is growing in other countries, including use in restaurants and other locations, cigarettes in American have been banned. Thus in America, e-cigarettes, because they are in appearance so much like the real thing, remains unacceptable as a public replacement. While cigarettes and cigarette companies are pumping out more and more nicotine based products, someone has decided to produce a mechanical product that is nicotine free. The e-cig is considered an alternative to lung damaging, cancer causing nicotine cigarettes.
In it’s video, they provide a bit of history behind the new product, including the way it is manufactured and the reason behind the technology. Can the product work for you? The success or failure of the product is based on the individual. As with all products, and as demonstrated in the video, those desiring to stop smoking seem to be successful. With the e cigarette, they accomplish their goal. Wink News makes no guarantees, but they are asking consumers to try the product and report back to them with the results. They put the product to the test and then went back to those consumers. Some were successful in quitting.


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